The Brand of Equality!

Value of Our brands

We value the business based on actual earning, and repeat customer coming back.

We do not price only with locations, invested capitals or revenue or years in business.

 Brand Management includes:

  • Asset Security
  • Business Insurance
  • Operational Management
  • Quality Control, Schedule Inspection; Maintenance

Q: Why do we attach Business Insurance with Operational Management, Asset security, and Maintenance? 

A: Plain and simple: we don’t want your business to fail as well as not wanting our business to fail.

No matter what business you want to be in or you are currently in, any business shall not fail, once after it gets started.  Since you decide to run the business, that has to be earning continuously for your own living or/and to support your family or as back-bone of your organizations which is sensitive issues thus must not fail at anytime along the life of business existence.

Brand Management Process

We work with small fees billed per job, by business category; particular industry  in diversity based on actual profit of the business.

Once we issue the proposal, all services are included such as all filing fees, quality control, maintenance expense, risk management, and tax where applicable.

For Start-up Establishments: Total Value of each and every particular business are priced clearly that includes office and retail leases to be in years of business plus all office equipments, stationary and technology related functions, overall accountancy at full financial projects, Easier Tasks at Business Manual for Operational Process, Regular Workshops and Real time Employee Trainings even when in practical practices of actual business  operations, Years-end or Quarterly Rotation of Taxes Filings at where areas  are applicable, Annual Reviews along the years of business existences such as updating Business Plans and continuous projections of forwarding functions, New Products and Services Advisory, Steady Customer Establishments to be in Long-term-relations, Business Support only Networking Ground up works with No Corruption Policy, etc.

No hidden charges will be additional. Look up the fee schedule, browse the catalog or Make an appointment!